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A popular description of the “Thing in Itself” the “Ground of All Being” in which we live, move, and have our being. Living Force that many call God or Tao


Together we pray to the Divine Presence, the Living Force, the Ground of All Being that our prayers with intent are heard. We send light and pray from our hearts:

For All Nations Struggling with health, hunger, economics, and security issues, that they may act wisely and enhance the community of nations without losing their own cultural identity;

For our own nation, our leaders, and their advisors that they may act in truth and wisdom;

For our economies and those who are struggling to feed and care for their families, fuel their vehicles, heat and cool air for their homes, and have affordable housing in the worst economy we have seen in our lives;

For those seeking a help mate in their lives;

For those struggling with health and money issues;

For those experiencing personal crises;

For Zachary W;

For Karen F;

For Chris and his family;

For Daniel B and his family;

For all the saints who have died and gone before us and for all of them today who love and serve the Living Force;

That all may grow closer to the Source of All Life and live and learn in a spirit of truth and wisdom;

For all these things and those which are upon our hearts that we have not spoken out loud we ask for the love and light of peace, your healing and quickening presence, and your guidance and wisdom in the name of the Eternal Holy One, the Lord of Light, and the Divine Wisdom and Presence. Amen, So Mote It Be, So Say We All.