[I added an edit after the link about the anointing oils about Clove that I was unaware of when I wrote this. ] I have a broken tooth that is giving me some trouble. I do not have the hundreds of dollars the dentists want to take care of it. I am looking at options but have not found them except this. There is oil of anointing in the Bible that consists of Myrrh, Cinnamon, Cassia, and either sweet calamus or cannabis. (translation of herbs in the bible is difficult as translators often substituted plants they knew for those mentioned in the text even if the herb they chose did not grow in the original area where the text was written). I have found that a half juice cup of water, with a good bit of salt, a drop of Myrrh, a drop of Cassia, a couple of drops of cinnamon, and a drop of On Guard essential oils. I don’t like the taste of the Cassia as much but I like cinnamon and cinnamon has many natural healing properties. This combination has given me relief from the pain and helps irrigate the wound.

Beware of Essential Oils in Shops That are Not Safe to Swallow

I MUST point out that please do NOT use essential oils available in most New Age shops. ONLY oils that are cleared for dietary use may be used. I have included a packet for the oils I use. Surely, some will note that these have a price that is high enough that I could get dental care. However, I bought them over a year ago when our finances were better off. Since I had them on hand I was able to use them now that my finances are more challenging. Anyway, if it helps me perhaps it will help you as well (again, most essential oils you buy are not safe to drink but doTerra products generally are and each of these listed is. Still, I don’t drink it but use it as a mouthwash whenever the pain afflicts me.

Here Is A Kit for A Healing Oil That Goes Back Thousands of Years

Here is a kit that includes Cinnamon, Myrrh, Cassia, and On Guard to which a drop or two of each coupled with some salt makes an effective rinse and relieves my pain. To use as an oil for anointing leave out the salt. Obviously you are better off with proper dental care but I many not be the only one who is incapable of paying for it. Again – and pease nlote this – most of the oils available in New Age type shops are not suitable for dietary use so please do not use them. Most of DoTERRA’s products are. If you would like to get these products at 25% as a wholesaler dealer you may use the second link to sign up.


Here is a link to clove oil. Someone who read this mentioned it as useful for pain. I wet a cuetip, put a drop of clove oil on it and touched it to the gums and the pain immediately was relieved. Wow! I was surprised. So I have added this link for all to have:


To Sign up as a wholesale customer:


I have been afflicted with back and joint pain from a service-connected injury I have suffered from since 1984. When I became familiar with DoTERRA products I began using Deep Blue Oil and Deep Blue lotion and with it have reduced my use of medical pharmaceuticals to relieve pain by 90%. And I find that I feel better and my mind is clearer without taking all of the pain pills that the doctors had recommended to me. (I have heard that the use of cannabis oil can help relieve aches and pains when added to the above mix but I have never used it. So that oil would be Myrrh, Cassia, On Guard, Cinnamon, and cannabis oil. Cinnamon in my experience can afflict skin with a rash but if used at the proper dose it could provide a “heat” that helps to heal. However, I have never used this oil and therefore I CAN NOT recommend it. I have only heard about it as a possibility so I share the information). However, I strongly recommend the use of Deep Blue to relieve all manner of pain from sprains, to arthritis, to nerve damage and other uses. It has helped me so much that I would not be without it. If you suffer from pain please stop suffering and try this, it has helped me immensely.

For Deep Blue Lotion and Oil:


For an Athletes Kit including Deep Blue, Peppermint, Tea Tree Oil, On Guard, Breathe, and Lavender. We have used Lavender to help us sleep and relax and Breathe was invaluable when I struggled for every breathe with Covid and helps me with allergies. Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil have multiple uses.


I have always believed in living as naturally as possible and have described herbal tinctures as a way to help your body recover and change as opposed to modern medicine which forces your body to change – but only for the duration of the drug. I would never recommend avoiding medical care but I have always preferred doctors who were open to natural remedies, when possible, over pharmaceuticals. I prefer health and wellness over drugs and chemicals that suppress symptoms but do not cure them.

But that is just me and you must find your own way in the world. May God be with you and may you grow in peace and health as you come into closer relationship with the Source of All Life.